Website warranty

Every website build by Highrise Digital, unless otherwise stated comes with a limited warranty period, to give customers peace of mind.

This document outlines what the warranty is and the conditions surrounding the application of any warranty.

Length of warranty

Unless otherwise stated in your website specification or agreement document, all websites come with a 2 month warranty which begins as soon as the site goes live.

For the period of 2 months after the launch of the website, Highrise Digital will fix any bugs that occur in that time frame. A bug is defined as something that is included in the scope of work but does not function correctly, or is not present and was therefore not delivered.

What does the warranty cover?

The website warranty covers all aspects of your website that we included in your specification of work, excluding however to items listed below under "What is not covered as part of the warranty?".

Essentially if the website is not delivering the defined scope during the warranty period, Highrise Digital will take steps to rectify this as soon as possible without charge.

What invalidates the warranty?

The 2 month warranty period is invalidated should any of the following occur:

  1. The codebase is changed by anyone other than Highrise Digital unless approved by Highrise Digital in writing.
  2. Plugins have been upload the site without the knowledge of Highrise Digital
  3. With the exception of security updates, updates have been carried out on the sites plugins, themes and/or WordPress core itself

If a warranty claim is made, which turns out not to be the fault of Highrise Digital, but caused by something else, Highrise Digital will charge for both the cost of investigating the issue and to rectify the issue at our standard hourly rate.

What is not covered as part of the warranty?

Although we want to make sure your website is full functional at all times, including the warranty period, there are things that are not covered as part of the warranty period. These are outlined below:

How do I claim on the warranty

We use Trello to manage all projects. Therefore in the first instance please add your claim as a card on the Trello board and tag in the relevant people from Highrise Digital working on your project.